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    Il Creatore 

    Il Creatore e’ cosi’ immenso da risiedere in tutto l’universo e cosi’ piccolo da dimorare nel cuore dell’uomo.

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    The Piper Report Apr 27, 2015 


    The Ugly Truth


    MCP discusses the little-known yet well-documented role of organized Jewish interests in the sex slave trade.

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    Etichette: love.   

    l’amore è un’energia armonica consapevole che attira tutto nell’unità. Si tratta di una forma di energia che sempre vibra verso uno stato di perfetta armonizzazione vibrazionale.(nessun postulare in opposizione).

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    JE SUIS PUTIN!!! Pro-Putin movement launches cartoon weekly 


    The Ugly Truth


    “A group of supporters of Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday launched a satirical weekly with anti-Western cartoons and verses, calling it an answer to France’s “Charlie Hebdo” magazine.”


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    Palestinian teen torched to death by Jews to be ‘honored’ at ceremony 

    The Ugly Truth

    “We planned to hurt a soul, meaning to kill… to torture him and kill him,” he told police, adding that he wanted his victim “to know that he was about to die as a sacrifice for the Jews…..

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    Il dolore piu’ grande 

    Forse il dolore piu’ grande che si puo’ provare , e’ il ricordare quelle occasioni nella vita, in cui hai mancato di amare l’altra persona.E di donargli qualcosa da dentro di te.

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    The Hoax. 

    If you can get people to believe a false premise , then you can make people believe all of your lies, and therefore be your slaves.
    So we have religions and politicians.

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    Freedom to Love ! 

    Amare la libertà, per me, significa avere la
    libertà di amare se stessi profondamente ed amare gli altri profondamente.
    Ed accettare la fondamentale eterna verità ,che il cambiamento non avra’ mai fine nella vita.striscione-liberta-di-scelta1.jpg

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    If we have the solutions, why then are we so caught-up in all this trauma? 

    If we have the solutions, why then are we so caught-up in all this trauma?.

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    The Ugly Truth

    Ed-note (Sabba) – Every year, the Institute for National Security Studies – INSS – lead by Amos Yadlin, holds a conference to discuss how to achieve world jewry’s goal of world global domination. This year, the conference took place 16FEB15 and had among its special guests, Bernard Henri Levy – France’s Sayan in chief.

    He explains that the real nuclear threat that the jews are facing is made of 3 materials: holocaust denial, competitive victimhood and anti-zionism.

    He goes on to congratulate the ”french” government in its war against comedian Dieudonne (the best comedian France has had in decades and one of the very very few non-chosen comedian) and against Islam.

    And, icing on the cake, he praises France for doing everything her masters in Tel Aviv order her to, doing better than the UK, almost overtaking the USA and well on her to becoming the greatest b*tch the jewish state…

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